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Taking Control of Your Life


By listening to the Program of your choice, you will release the power of your Subconscious Mind, and create all the positive changes that you want.

Is it safe?

All the Programs are safe, easy to use, and have Natural Relaxation and Visualisation Techniques which help you to achieve what you want through the power of your Subconscious Mind.

Hypnosis Programs

The Hypnosis Programs contain voice, music ambience, affirmations, and soothing nature sounds that communicate with your Subconscious Mind and help you to achieve all that you desire.

These programs do not contain any subliminal message elements.

Subliminal Programs

Programs with inaudible subliminal messages beneath the soothing sounds of nature and music ambience that re-program your Subconscious Mind to act in accordance with your new thoughts and desires.

Empowerment Programs

The Empowerment Programs contain soothing nature sounds and music ambience that works through your Subconscious Mind to create your desired results.

These programs do not contain any voice or subliminal message elements.

Focused Healing Programs

The Focused Healing Programs contain unique combinations of voice Directed Hypnosis, Nature Sounds, and Inaudible Subliminal Message Elements to promote and augment your Natural Healing Processes.

4th Dimensional Programs

Programs with both Audible and Subliminal Voices, under Nature and Music Ambience, to guide your understanding and ability to achieve all that you want.

This unique subliminal approach, increases the effectiveness of a program's message, initiates your 4th Dimensional Awareness, and creates a direct and powerful communion with your Subconscious Mind.

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