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Creative Imagination

Creative imagination is one of your greatest gifts and one that can help you to  achieve your goals.

Creative Imagination is that part of your mind that  generates thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams. Consequently, everything that has  ever been achieved (your achievements included) first started as a single  thought spark in the person's creative imagination.

It is interesting to  note that the part of our mind

that plays the most significant role in  our ability to achieve

is the part of our mind that "imagines".  

We spend years developing the part of our mind that memorises, learns,  and logically reasons; however, we spend almost no time in developing the  immense potential of our imagination - yet the potential power of our  imagination is unlimited.

The human brain is divided into Two Distinct  Parts - Left and Right

1) The left side of the brain deals with analysis, logic, and speech - "I analyse; I deduce"

2) The right side of the brain deals with creativity, sensitivity, and intuition - "I feel; I know"

Additionally, the right side of the brain is visual in orientation, and as mentioned previously it is the side that we often neglect.

People who learn to use their imagination, flexibly and freely, see and act creatively, and they access an unlimited source of ideas and mental  pictures that can be developed into physical realities.

Thus it is that a person's imagination reflects an ability to visualise something that has neither been seen nor experienced before.

This is where we come in - our programs help you to access and develop your creative imagination, and to empower your subconscious mind to help you achieve all the positive and exciting manifestations that you want.

And You Have the Power...

Whatever your desires, dreams and hopes they are yours for a reason.
You have the ability to attain every single one of them.
You may be unaware of it, but you already hold the key to changing any aspect of your life you truly desire to change.
This miraculous power lies within you, within your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious has the natural ability to transform all your dreams into reality.
It holds the answers to all your prayers, and can provide the solutions to each and every one of your needs.
Everyone is born with this precious gift, but few are taught how to use it.
Listening to this program will allow you to unlock the unlimited powers of your subconscious mind; to bring endless, positive and rewarding changes into your life...
(Introduction Dialogue from the "Positive Change" Hypnosis Program)

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