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Newsletter Vol 16 - Revised Thought-Forces

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Revised Thought Forces (Original Received Script)

Based on the work of Prentice Mulford

This text has been revised through radionic channeling into seventeen lessons for the 21st Century seeker of light, life, and truth. Consequently, the following material was developed through, and in concert with, the collective-consciousness and is presented verbatim in the following lessons. The radionic machine used to effect the channeling was a Model 7-21092014.

So, how does it all work?

Simple, the people who practice these lessons will certainly prosper, and that which they receive - health, wealth, success, longevity, and transformation - will be in direct proportion to the definiteness of their vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadfastness of their assumptions, and the depth of their gratitude and faith.

The material is presented in 19 Newsletter Issues, and Contains:

Preface to the 2016 Revised Edition
Who was Prentice Mulford?
Lesson 1 - You Travel When you Sleep
Lesson 2 - Where You Travel When You Sleep
Lesson 3 - Co-operation of Thought
Lesson 4 - Some Practical Mental Recipes
Lesson 5 - The Drawing-power of the Mind
Lesson 6 - Buried Talents
Lesson 7 - The Necessity of Riches
Lesson 8 - Use Your Riches
Lesson 9 - How to Push Your Business
Lesson 10 - Understanding Sickness
Lesson 11 - The Doctor Within
Lesson 12 - Mental Medicine
Lesson 13 - The Use and Necessity of Recreation
Lesson 14 - The Art of Forgetting
Lesson 15 - Cultivate Repose
Lesson 16 - Love Thyself
Lesson 17 - Reprise of Health and Longevity
Appendix 1 - Mulford Inspired Meditation - An Introduction
Appendix 2 -Mulford Inspired Meditation - Guided Session Text
The Audio Program is Available Here
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Vol 16 Issue 3
Vol 16 Issue 4
Vol 16 Issue 5
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Vol 16 Issue 7
Vol 16 Issue 8
Vol 16 Issue 9
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Vol 16
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