in 1956 Earl Nightingale gave his famous "Strangest Secret" broadcast", and its principles are still as valid today as they were in the days of the 1st Century Marcus Aurelius.
As we navigate through the 21st Century with its special challenges, it is a good idea to review the "Strangest Secret" and see how it can be applied in our lives today.
Below are links for: 1) The transcription of Earl Nightingale's 1956 Broadcast (pdf file), and 2) A very rare audio file containing Earl's actual 1956 Broadcast (mp3 file).
I hope you enjoy Earl Nightingales' very special message, and may you create all that you desire in your life.
There you have it... Go forth and create everything that you want...
The Strangest Secret - Nightingale (1956) Transcription (pdf)
The Strangest Secret - Nightingale (1956) Original Broadcast Audio File (mp3)
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Earl Nightingale
(12 Mar 1921 - 28 Mar 1989)
Earl Nightingale Photo
Program Titles and Contents
The Strangest Secret - Nightingale
"You become what you think about" (Earl Nightingale)
The Strangest Secret
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