Our Programs use an exciting combination (depending upon the program's title and specific focus) of voice, nature sounds, music ambience, and inaudible subliminal elements to promote the desired results. Interestingly, even if you fall asleep during a program the results are the same.

The digital recording technique, developed by the author, uses multi-tracked and interleaved sound-segments (nature sounds and music ambience) in conjunction with audible voice and inaudible subliminal elements (voice). However, the programs are completely safe and the listener is fully conscious and in control at all times.
Rain, Sea, and Stream Sounds
The specially prepared nature sounds of rain, sea and stream play an important part, in relaxation and activating the power of the subconscious mind, as they gently and naturally stimulate alpha wave brain activity.
Rain - Creates a gentle yet dramatic empowerment and healing response with associated cell replacement.
Sea - Creates a gentle yet dramatic empowerment and healing response with associated cell replacement.
Stream - Creates an invigorating empowerment and healing response with associated cell replacement.
Interleaved Sea and Stream - Creates a more intense empowerment and healing response with associated cell replacement.
Specific Nature Sound and their Associated Responses
Brain Wave Patterns
An Alpha brain pattern appears when you are wakeful and where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. Consequently, this is a good state to be in to maximise creative visualization, auto-suggestion, and hypnosis and subliminal techniques.

As the amount of your Alpha waves increase you will feel less stress and anxious; consequently, this improves the strength of your immune system - stress has a very negative impact on the immune system.

Additionally, if an individual wants to be "more creative" they should use techniques whereby they increase their levels of Alpha waves.

Many life coaches teach that if an individual wants to have more "peak performance" in the various areas of their life, they should learn how to increase their levels of their Alpha waves.

Consequently, nature sounds with their inherent Alpha Wave stimulating effect can be very therapeutic and this is put to effective use in all of our Programs.
Alpha Wave Pattern
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What is the Significance of Nature Sounds?
Nature Sounds
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