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The Science of Getting Rich
Wallace D Wattles (1908)
In his book, Wallace D. Wattles explains that universal mind underlies and permeates all creation. Through the process of visualization we can engage the law of attraction impressing our thoughts upon formless substance and bringing the desired object or circumstances into material form. The author emphasizes the critical importance of attitude:

Only by aligning ourselves with the positive forces of natural law can we gain unlimited access to the creative mind and its abundant rewards.

The Science of Getting Rich holds the secret to how economic and emotional security can be achieved in a practical imaginative and non-competitive way while maintaining a loving and harmonious relationship with all of life.

By living in accordance with the positive principles outlined in this book we can find our rightful place in the cosmic scheme and create for ourselves an environment in which to grow in wealth wisdom and happiness.

Rhonda Byrne in her book and DVD, "The Secret" tells how a 100-year-old book entered her life and changed it forever. Here is that book. Written in 1910.

The Science of Getting Rich inspired Byrne to create her best-selling DVD and subsequently to write her book. She has said that it gave me a glimpse of The Secret. It was like a flame inside of my heart. And with every day since it's just become a raging fire of wanting to share all of this with the world.

Wallace Delois Wattles (1860-1911) was the author of numerous books the best known of which is "The Science of Getting Rich".

He experienced failure after failure in his early life until after many years of study and experimentation he formulated a set of principles that with scientific precision create financial and spiritual wealth.

He died a prosperous man in 1911.
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Getting Rich
W C Wattles
The Science of Getting Rich
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