Discussing an Order

If you would like to discuss an order you have placed, or would like to place, please contact us via Email as per our Contact Page.

If you would like to pay for your item by an alternative method (Cheque, Postal Order, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc), please contact us by Email as per our Contact Page to discuss alternatives.
Problem or You've Made a Mistake
If you encounter a problem, or you think that you have made a mistake, please contact us by Email as per our Contact Page and we will get right on it.
Download Items, Access Codes, and Passwords
For download items (Audio Programs, and Ebooks, etc), Access Codes, and Passwords, you will be given an immediate Download Link, Access Code, or Password, once the online transaction has been successfully completed. Additionally, a confirmation Email will be sent in due course.
However, please be aware that you will need to have "COOKIES and JAVA" enabled in your browser settings for us to give you an Immediate Download Link, Access Code, or Password.
If your browser is set for "Cookies" or "Java" Disabled, we will not be able to give an immediate Download Link. Consequently, your order will be manually processed, and you will receive a confirmation Email (typically within two working days) with your item's Download Link, Access Code, or Password.
If you have any questions, please contact us via Email as per our Contact Page.
Please be aware that Downloaded Items are NOT refundable
Orders, Shipping, Downloads, and Returns Information
Physical Items
Typically, we will ship a physical order (Sync Stones, etc), via Royal Mail, within four working days, and you will receive an Email confirming dispatch.
Delivery Times
Delivery times vary upon your geographical location - we have found that deliveries within the UK take 2-5 working days, Europe 5-10 working days, USA 10-15 working days and the rest of the world, 10 working days or more. If you still haven't received your order by the typical time, please contact us by Email as noted on our Contact Page.
Payment Security
For your peace of mind, and to maintain total confidentiality, transparency, and security, we only receive payments through an accredited, secure, third party Payment Provider (e.g. PayPal, etc). Consequently, we never see any Bank, Card, Transaction, or other personal details.
If your posted item arrives damaged, please contact us by Email as per out Contact Page.
We take all customer queries seriously, and will replace a faulty item, or issue a refund on the return of the faulty item.
Please be aware that Downloaded items are not refundable.
Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us via Email as per our Contact Page.
Please remember to quote the Payment Provider's (e.g. PayPal, etc) Transaction Reference Number in all communications.
Thank you.
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