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Earth 1
In 1977, Voyager 1 and 2, United States unmanned scientific probes, were launched to take advantage of a favourable planetary alignment occurring at that time. The initial remit of the program was to fly-by and study Jupiter and Saturn; however, the probes were able to continue onward (1977-1989) to the outer reaches of the Solar System.
The probes were equipped with "Planetary Radio Astronomy Investigation Instruments" (PRA) which are designed to record the emissions from planets, their moons, and any associated ring systems. Later, NASA converted the collected streams into sound files for further research, and subsequently they were individually released to the general public.
Voyager 1 and 2

The Journey...

Voyager Journey

The Sounds...

Earth 2
We would like to express our special thanks and gratitude to NASA for the release of these wonderful sounds to the public.

So, lay back, listen, meditate, and just drift with the living sounds of the universe - and see where they take you...

Yes, you are of the stars, and it is promised that to the stars you shall, one day, return...

And now the journey begins...
Io - Moon of Jupiter
Miranda - Moon of Uranus
Rings of Saturn
Rings of Uranus
Voyager Probe

The Living Sounds of the Universe

The Voyager Probes

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