B1003 - 5.99 - The Astro Health Analysis Handbook (immediate .pdf download)
The Astro Health Analysis handbook
Campbell M Gold
Welcome to the world of Health Analysis Astrology. This handbook is written in a no nonsense format that will impart, to you, the various methods and interpretations that relate to Health Analysis Astrology.

However, Health Astrology is a very subjective and controversial field; consequently, the information provided herein is given as 'common practise', but without establishing any claims as to accuracy or efficacy.

Each practitioner must evaluate the various methodologies and interpretations for themselves, and thereby establish what works for them and their clients.

Health Astrology Technical Areas

Health Astrology is divided into four technical areas:

1) Anatomy (the structures) - This is represented by the Signs/Houses. This describes the physical elements that constitute the organism.

2) Physiology (the operations) - This is represented by the Planets. This describes the functioning of the elements within the organism.

3) Pathology (the afflictions) - This is represented by the positioning and aspects of the planets relative to each other, and to the signs/houses. From this analysis any dis-ease (out-of-synchronisation) can be identified and evaluated.

4) Remedies (the re-synchronising) - This is represented by the Tissue Salt (recommended) or equivalent remedy. The remedies are used to aid the re-synchronising of the organism, and assisting it to again achieve homeostasis within the flow of space-time and unfolding universal energy.

And, as always, just the facts...
To evaluate a Native's health relative to anatomy (the structures), physiology (the operations), pathology (the afflictions), and remedies (the re-synchronising), the following Astrological charts are compiled:

Decumbiture Chart - Indicates the energies causing or surrounding a particular Pathology. However, because of the 'subjectivity' of the erection of the Decumbiture chart, it must be created and interpreted extremely carefully. 

Natal Chart - Indicates the native's birth health (including acquired health) disposition. 

Progressed Chart - Indicates the native's health disposition related to a specific period of time. This chart is usually cast for a particular year/period of the native's life.

Transit Chart - Indicates the native's specific health issues related to the now. This chart is cast when the native is feeling unwell, or when the native requires a health related prediction.
Astro Physiological and Psychological Correspondence
Physiological - House - Psychological

Head - 1st House - Ego, and self assertion

Throat, and neck - 2nd House - Possessions, and values

Lungs, chest, arms, hands, and nerves - 3rd House - Communications, transport, learning, neighbours, and relatives

Stomach, and breasts - 4th House - Home, family, and security

Heart, and back - 5th House - Creativity, and children

Abdomen, and intestines - 6th House - Work, health, duty, and co-workers

Kidneys, lumbar - 7th House - Relationships, and partnerships

Colon, genitals, bladder, rectum, and lower back - 8th House - Sex, transformation, shared possessions, inheritance, and power struggles

Hips, and thighs - 9th House - Religion, wanderlust, law, and higher education

Skin, knees, and bones - 10th House - Career, and reputation

Circulation, calves, and ankles - 11th House - Friends, groups, goals, objectives, and human fellowship

Feet - 12th House - Unselfishness, psychism, and the unconscious

This book only deals with interpretation, and assumes that you already have a facility to generate the necessary Decumbiture, Natal, Progressed, and Transit Charts

The book also assumes that you have a good working knowledge of Astrology - this book is not for beginners
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The Astro Health Analysis Handbook
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