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This is the dialogue that is presented in 'The Practise of Full-conscious Projection' book, and is designed to guide you through a full-conscious projection session and to help you to explore the higher levels of your consciousness.

Full-conscious projection is a safe technique that enables you to transcend everyday life, to gain knowledge, to confront experience from this and past lives, to experience the pleasure of existence, and as a critique to clarify, understand, rationalise and evaluate your life experiences (current and previous).
B1002 - 9.99 - Full-Conscious Projection Dialogue (.mp3 download)

Full-Conscious Projection Dialogue
Sea, Zen Ambience, Audio Induction, No Subliminal

This Full-Conscious Projection - Dialogue contains voice, ambience and nature sounds, and you will be guided through the session.

Listen to this Initial Induction for three to four times before listening to the Subsequent Induction.

Always listen in a time and place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to thoroughly relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it contains a potent relaxation technique that requires you to become deeply and completely relaxed.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the powerful suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

(Time +/- 60 Mins)
A Full-Conscious Projection session will take the following format:

You will assume a comfortable position, sitting, reclining, or lying (reclining or lying is recommended). You will close your eyes, and keep them closed for the duration of the session.

You will start relaxing by taking deep breaths to remove tension.

Then you will visualise that you are walking in a beautiful wood. While in the wood, you will see an old ruin with a large open arch. There is a waterfall of crystal light flowing down from the arch. You will stand under the arch, and fill yourself with the crystal light. Further, you will surround yourself with the crystal light, and thus create a protective barrier. This is achieved by taking a further deep breaths.

You will then deepen the relaxation with various visualisations and procedures. You will receive instruction on how to enter the deeply relaxed state whenever you want.

You will complete the relaxation phase by visualising a wave of warm energy washing away your physical body. This is known as the "wave release". The wave is visualised starting at your fret, and washing over your body, until it washes away your head. With the washing away of the head, your consciousness moves from the lower-self to the higher-self (physical-self to spirit-self), and at this point, you are ready to 'project your consciousness anywhere you want'.

You now create a thought-form through which you will project your consciousness. The thought-form will consist of a sunken garden that has a door opening into a corridor that leads to the memories that you want to explore. You will enter the corridor via the door. At the end of the corridor you will see a light (typically whitish), which represents the memories that you wish to explore.

To project you through the corridor, I will count backwards from twenty to one. During the countdown, the corridor will fade, and by the count of one you will have entered the light.

Your eyes will adjust to the light, and with your mental faculties you will see, hear, and experience the images surrounding you. You will explore the images and experiences.

At the end of the session, I will count forward from one to five, and you will return to the present remembering everything, and feeling refreshed, refreshed and orientated.

Session Format

"As with any new technique, Full-Conscious Projection should be explored under the supervision of a qualified teacher, therapist, or practitioner. However, because of the inherent safety of Projection and the procedures given in the program, and the fact that the listener is in control of the session, it is possible to develop a 'self-guided' approach. Nevertheless, if a problem is encountered, all Projection activity should be stopped, and a qualified practitioner consulted."

(Campbell M Gold)
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Full-conscious projection is a safe relaxation and visualisation technique that alters your awareness and enables you to transcend the physical plane, and to explore and exploit the higher levels of your consciousness. Thus you can gain knowledge, confront experience, explore the pleasure of existence, and rationalise and evaluate your life experiences.

B1002 - Full-Conscious Projection Dialogue

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