Full-Conscious Projection
by Campbell Gold

The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection - Ebook
Full-Conscious Projection - Dialogue
Full-conscious projection is a safe relaxation and visualisation technique that alters your awareness and enables you to transcend the physical plane, and to explore and exploit the higher levels of your consciousness. Thus you can gain knowledge, confront experience, explore the pleasure of existence, and rationalise and evaluate your life experiences.

The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection

"The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection", by Campbell M Gold, is the result of research and practise that spans more than twenty years. It describes, in detail, the conducting of Full-Conscious Projection sessions; and if you are looking for a how-to-do-it approach, with ready-to-use dialogues, then this is the book for you.

Full-Conscious Projection is a natural relaxation and visualisation technique that enables the individual to transcend the physical, and experience, to their advantage, the higher levels of their existence.

Topics covered include using full-conscious projection to explore personal and collective memory, past lives, positive visualisation, hypnosis, meditation, intuition, astral projection, clairvoyance, alternative exploration, remote viewing, and improving health, wellbeing, and abundance.

The book develops a self-study approach, with guidelines and dialogues that can be used by the reader. An audio program containing the dialogues is also available.

"The Practice of Full-Conscious Projection" was originally published in 2000 by Minerva Press, UK. However, this printed approach has been discontinued, and "The Practice of Full-Conscious Projection" is now available as an Ebook from this site.

This is where it all started, and subsequently, all our Programs have evolved out of the Full-Conscious Projection Development Program.
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Full Conscious Projection

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