Just lay back, relax, let go and let your life-energies (chakras) be balanced through the relaxing and gentle sounds of a Zen garden, and soothing music ambience (chakras are the seven energy centres of your being).

Balanced chakras result in maximum vitality, health, and protection for the individual.

Conversely, distortion of any of the chakras, through physical, emotional, mental, or conscious trauma, will reflect as a distortion (pathology) in the associated area of the individual's physiology.

This Chakra Relaxing Nature Empowerment program does not contain any voice or subliminal message elements.

Even if you fall asleep during the program the desired positive results will still manifest.
E4005 - 9.99 - Chakra Relaxing (.mp3 download)

Chakra Relaxing
Nature Empowerment - Zen

The Chakra Relaxing Nature Empowerment Program contains gentle sounds of a Zen garden, and soothing music ambience.

Listen to this program anytime in a place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to thoroughly relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it contains elements which induce relaxation.

Although this technique may be new to you, it is completely safe and natural.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends. Even if you fall asleep during the program, the gentle sounds will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

Listening to this program at any other time also induces a state of deep relaxation, from which you will return refreshed.

You may begin to experience positive results immediately, or it may take a little longer. But you will absolutely experience results. So be patient, and go at your own pace. When you notice that you are achieving results, acknowledge them, and don't stop listening.

(Time +/- 45 Mins)
"Fantastic, this is the best relaxation sound track I've ever heard."

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E4005 - Chakra Relaxing - Empowerment



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