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When originally given in 1948, Neville Goddard said: "The Five Lessons" apply the power of positive thinking to getting and maintaining anything and everything that you desire...

"This is going to be a very practical Course. Therefore, I hope that everyone in this class has a very clear picture of what he desires, for I am convinced that you can realize your desires by the technique you will receive here this week in these five lessons."

And this technique will enable you to access and utilize your 4th Dimensional Self.

In 2015, the material was revised, through radionic channeling, for the 21st Century seeker of Light, Life, and Truth. Consequently, the text was developed through, and in concert with the Collective Experiential Potential, and is presented verbatim in the lessons.

Both audible and in-audible subliminal elements have been used, in this production, to increase the effectiveness of a Lesson's message, and to initiate a direct and powerful communion with your subconscious mind.

The Revised Five Lessons - Goddard
4th Dimensional Lessons

Lesson 1 - Consciousness Is The Only Reality
Lesson 2 - Assumptions Harden Into Fact
Lesson 3 - Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally
Lesson 4 - No One To Change But Yourself
Lesson 5 - Remain Faithful To Your Idea
Questions and Answers
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S9003 - 19.99
The Revised Five Lessons
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Each Lesson (1-5) has both and audible and an in-audible subliminal voice, under nature and music ambience, to guide your understanding and your ability to achieve everything that you want.

A synthesized voice is used, for maximum effect, without the possibility of unwanted tonal or expressive imprinting.

This unique subliminal approach, to achievement and accumulation, dramatically increases the effectiveness of the Lessons message, and initiates a direct and powerful communion with your subconscious mind.

The audible voice, which echoes the subliminal guiding voice, helps you to follow and further focus on the lesson.

Listen to a Lesson daily, especially just before going to sleep, to initiate the response that you desire.

Though you will hear the audio dialogue, don't pay it too much attention. It is the inaudible subliminal voice, communicating with your subconscious mind, that actually creates the results that you will experience.

(Total Run Time +/- 378 Mins)
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Who was Neville Goddard?
"Contents", "Introduction", "Who Was Neville Goddard?", and "Questions and Answers", do not contain a subliminal voice.

"Lessons 1" through "5", all contain a subliminal voice.


S9003 - The Revised Five Lessons - Goddard


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S9003 - Revised Five Lessons - 4th Dim

Programs with both audible and subliminal voices, under nature and music ambience, to guide your ability to achieve all that you want - Health, Wealth, Success, Longevity, and Transformation. This unique subliminal approach, increases the effectiveness of a Program's message, initiates your 4th dimensional awareness, and creates a direct and powerful communion with your subconscious mind
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For best results, listen through headphones or earbuds (Bluetooth devices are not recommended).
Subliminal programs can be used as a powerful adjunct and reinforcement to our voice guided hypnosis programs.

The Inaudible Subliminal elements (inductions, affirmations, etc) are the same as the Audible elements (inductions, affirmations, etc) which are used in the equivalent Hypnosis Program.

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