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Subliminal Affirmations - Nature Sounds (Stream)

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This Subliminal Wealth Affirmation Program contains nature sounds (stream) and positive subliminal affirmations.

Listen to this program every day in a time and place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to thoroughly relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it contains a potent relaxation technique that requires you to become deeply and completely relaxed.

Although this technique may be new to you, it is completely safe and natural.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the powerful suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

(Time +/- 50 Mins)
S3038 - 9.99 - Subliminal Wealth Affirmations - Stream (.mp3 download)
I trust the natural flow of the universe to provide me with money, unlimited wealth, and complete financial independence; I am now willing to receive more money and material wealth than I ever thought possible; All power lies within me, and I am harnessing that power now to attract unlimited money and wealth, and complete financial independence into my life; All the money and material wealth that I want, I deserve, and it is flowing to me now from the infinite supply of the universe; etc
This subliminal wealth affirmation program contains nature sounds (stream) under which a subliminal inaudible voice reiterates special affirmations to help you attract money and wealth into your life.

Listen to this program anytime, and just drift with the nature sounds.

The inaudible subliminal voice will communicate directly with your subconscious mind and reinforce the positive affirmations that are given, and your subconscious mind will be empowered to invoke the positive changes that you desire.

This program does not need to be listened to in its entirety; the affirmations are repeated several times. So listen for as long or as little as you like. If you listen right through, you will be exposed to several full cycles of the affirmations.

Even if you fall asleep during the program the desired positive results will still manifest.

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S3038 - Wealth Affirmations - Stream - Subliminal

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