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Ladies, lay back, relax, just let go, and through inaudible subliminal messages, the caressing sounds of the sea and dreamy music ambience, develop the incredibly attractive woman that you are.

This program can be used "standalone" or in conjunction with our Hypnosis Program: You are Irresistible.

The inaudible voice reiterates the affirmations from the You Are Irresistible hypnosis program, and thus helps you to achieve the positive results that you want.

This program does not need to be listened to in its entirety - so listen to it for as long or as little as you like. If you listen right through, you will be exposed to several complete cycles of the affirmations.

Even if you fall asleep during the program the desired positive results will still manifest.
S3010 - 9.99 - You Are Irresistible (Women Only) - Subliminal - (.mp3 download)

You Are Irresistible - Developing Attractiveness (Women Only) - Subliminal
Subliminal Affirmations

The Subliminal You Are Irresistible Program contains inaudible subliminal messages, the caressing sounds of the sea and dreamy music ambience.

Listen to this program anytime in a place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it induces a safe and pleasant state of relaxation.

Although subliminal messaging may be new to you, it is completely safe. Inaudible subliminal messages are recorded under soothing nature sounds.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the powerful suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

Listening to this program at any other time also induces a state of deep relaxation, from which you will return refreshed.

(Time +/- 45 Mins)

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You are Irresistible - Hypnosis
Ladies, lay back and be guided into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice, the caressing sounds of the sea, positive visualisation, and sensual music ambience. In this hypnotic state, you will be able to recognise and freely explore the irresistible woman that you truly are, and to attract into your life the relationships that you desire and deserve.
I am beautiful... Forces are at work for me now... so that I can have... and enjoy... the kind of relationship... I most desire... I have all the right qualities... to experience... and enjoy... the love and affection... of the right man for me... Etc...
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S3010 - You Are Irresistible (Women Only) - Subliminal

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Special Offer

When you purchase this title, you will receive two tracks with identical subliminal messages. One with piano ambience, and one with Zen ambience.
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