As People begin to explore and discover themselves, they often ask, "Where do I go from here, and what should I be doing/contributing?"
Man reaches within for reality, and by reaching within, the individual confirms the three dimensions of their existence:

1) Expression - The individual expresses what they are - a unique reflection of their existential experiential growth to date in an unlimited pool of experiential potential.

2) Perception - The individual perceives themselves as the sum of their experiential growth to date; and also perceives that there are other unique expressions of experiential growth in an unlimited pool of experiential potential.

3) Desire/Will - The individual has an inherent desire/will to explore, experience, unify, and to expand that which they are by that which they are not.

Secret, Purpose, and Law

1) Secret - The secret of the universe is "Existence", particularly your existence.

2) Purpose - The purpose of life is to Expand Existence by personal Experience.

3) Law - The First, and only, Universal Law is that "No Conscious Being may Restrict, in any way, the Expansion of another Conscious Being".

Cycle of Conscious Expansion

1) Spirit Self joined with a Physical Body (arrival in mortality)
2) Expression (that which I am)
3) Perception (that which I am, and that which I am not)
4) I expand that which I am by that which I am not through personal experience
5) I repeatedly cycle back to point 2) until death
6) Spirit Self separates from the Physical Body (departure from mortality)

Experiential Reality

To Live is to Experience, and to Expand is to Find Meaning in the Experience

The Centre and Ultimate Expression of the Universe

You are the Centre and Ultimate Expression of the Universe; because, from your perspective, everything is expanding therefrom and you exist in the universal cutting edge of the now.
Experiential Bodies
Spirit Body - The individual's Spirit Body (comprised of the Etheric, Mental, and Conscious bodies) contains the individual's awareness and universal potential.
Physical Body - The Individual's Physical Body translates that universal potential, through personal experience into the expansion of the individual's consciousness.
Life Work - Where to From Here?
1) Understanding - To obtain a wide knowledge of relevant existential facts and understanding (life, the universe, and everything), and then to exercise discrimination and skill in the adapting and application of alternative, complementary, and esoteric principles to said facts and understanding.
2) Application - The expounding and implementation of the aspects and results of alternative, complementary, and esoteric methods in a clear, accurate, and illuminating way, so that through counsel and practice the number of those who can independently think, respond, and act for themselves may increase. 
The Greatest Gift
A wise man was once asked, "What is the greatest gift that one can give another?"

He replied, "The greatest gift that can be bestowed is to extend a life by one more day."

And there is no greater contribution that that.
You - The New Hope and a New Song...
...Then she with tress of gold and raiment pure,
Did take his hand of flesh in hand of white.
And eyes of dimming blue, were bathed in eyes
Of azure light, and Jongleur knew that now,
This day, this place, a new song had begun.
There you have it... Go forth and be everything that you are...
 And everything that you want to be... And share the light...
Secret and Purpose - Where to From Here?
The Discovery of Self-reality
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