Are the Programs Safe?

Yes, you self-administer your program - it's non-invasive, completely safe, and you are in control at all times.

Whether the program is Voice Directed or Fully Subliminal, you specify the results you want, and you work at your own pace.

How do I Know if the Hypno/Subliminal Elements are Working?

As you listen to your program and slip into deep relaxation, you may feel a very gentle sensation on your forehead/frontal brain area.

This is sometimes referred to as the "Angel's Kiss" or the "Angel's Breath".

The sensation manifests with both voice directed Hypnosis and Subliminal programs with inaudible voice.

It is suggested that the sensation is associated with the Forehead Chakra becoming active, and which has intuitive, transformative, and visionary properties.

Other indications (but not limited to) that the Hypno/Subliminal Elements are Working include:

-- Muscles relax
-- Eyelids become heavy
-- Breathing slows
-- Pulse rate drops
-- Blood pressure drops
-- Skin colour lightens
-- The person may fall asleep
-- A feeling that time has slowed or stopped
-- A feeling of lightness, or a floating sensation
-- A feeling of euphoria
-- A feeling of a raised level of consciousness
-- A feeling of separation from the physical
-- A feeling of peace and tranquility
-- A feeling of universal oneness or wholeness
-- A feeling of entering and understanding a higher level of existence
-- Vivid visualisation
-- Enhanced sensory acuity
-- An amplified sense of being
-- Feeling pleasantly warm and secure

Each person is unique, and will have a unique, special, and very personal experience.

The Angel's Kiss

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