Listening to hypnosis and subliminal programs will help you to unlock the unlimited power of your subconscious mind, and to bring about endless, positive and rewarding changes into your life. Accordingly, it is recommended that you listen to your program, on a daily basis, for six weeks.

You may begin to experience positive results immediately, or it may take a little longer. But you will absolutely experience results. So be patient, and go at your own pace. And, when you notice that you are achieving results, acknowledge them, and don't stop listening.

By acknowledging the positive changes, encounters and experiences, no matter how small they are, you build up momentum and increase the impact of your program. And thereby faster achieve the results that you desire.

However, be aware that your personal beliefs, and your accepted group norms, can have an impact upon the time it will take to manifest your desired results.

How long from Hypno to Results?

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And this is where your hypnosis and or subliminal program comes in - it will help you to let go of old limiting thoughts and beliefs, and it will easily transform such thoughts into beliefs that will support you completely in fulfilling your needs and desires. Thus, a dynamic new set of positive thoughts will be put into motion, and they will have a powerful and positive impact on every area of your life.

Consequently, repeated listening to your program is essential, and every time you listen, you will intensify the effects of the program and help you achieve the speed with which your subconscious mind triggers positive changes for you.

You don't have to be convinced that this method will work for you, and you don't even have to understand it - so, for the moment suspend doubts, keep an open mind, and listen and enjoy your program; because, the way this system works effectively is through repeated listening, and the desired results will manifest.

Now... just let go and enjoy your program, and let your subconscious mind, your 4th Dimensional Self do all the work.
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So, How Soon can I expect Results?

Your thoughts send out powerful magnetic vibrations into the world which attract similar thoughts and circumstances into your experience and into your life; and your thoughts create all you have - they are your soul, your essence, your substance, and your truth - yes, they are you!

Consequently, observe your thoughts about "yourself and your beliefs" very carefully - they are powerful and are "in some way" responsible for all the circumstances you have in your life.

So, what kind of thoughts do you have about yourself and about life? Do you see yourself as a victim or as a winner? Are you pessimistic or are you optimistic? Do you consider yourself a failure or a success?

Whatever you think about yourself, your circumstances and experience will support and reflect those beliefs completely - yes, one-hundred percent!
Ay, there's the rub - everyone, and I mean everyone, lives in the world of their beliefs, but no one was born with them. You, like everyone else, have unconsciously adopted many of your beliefs from your parents, teachers, friends, peers, the media (especially the celeb. culture), and so forth - your subconscious mind is like a vast computer which you naturally and completely unconsciously program every moment of every day with every thought, belief, and idea that enters your mind.

The problem is that whether your thoughts and beliefs are "positive" or "negative" they automatically attract similar ideas, people, and events into your life which support your thoughts and beliefs - this is your subconscious mind at work.

Your subconscious does not distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral; it always says, "Yes" and acts upon whatever thoughts are most often in your mind.

In other words, through thoughts and beliefs, which you are probably not even aware of, you may have been programming your life negatively - without even knowing it! And the correcting of this negative programming will influence the time it will take from the first listening to your program to the manifestation of the desired results. The greater the impact of the past negative programming, the more time you will need to correct it. However, once your subconscious mind kicks in, you will find that positive results will quickly begin to manifest.

Now, if you truly believe that you "deserve" and that you can have "everything you want out of life", you can automatically program your subconscious mind to create the actual manifestation of that belief - your subconscious says, "Yes, You can have whatever you want out of life!" And it then it goes about doing anything and everything to ensure that what you "believe in" will actually happen.

The Impact of Belief

The Power of Thought

Your Chosen Program

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