What are Name Totems?

Everyone has a name totem; however, we may not know what it is, or that we even have one.

Personal name totems represent power, knowledge, and understanding that can help us in our quest to be in harmony with all life, especially the inner life. Totems are not a new concept, and many cultures of the past both understood and used the power of animal totems.

Furthermore, totems can be particularly useful to us today, where it is easy to forget the "natural" rhythms of life and love in our high-tech, sterile, world. Consequently, you can use your personal name totem to awaken the natural balance with nature and the unfolding universal life-force energy that you already possess. And thus you can be healthier and happier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as you understand, work with, and honour your name totem.
Personal name totems, which are typically represented by animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and mythical creatures, etc, are personified life-force energy that the individual specifically vibrates with. A name totem can help the individual to better understand themselves, their life, and their path within the physical plane of experience.

"To exist is to experience, and to expand is to find meaning in the experience."

Who Has a Name Totem?

No, as we experience, grow, and progress, our totems also change; therefore we need to be able to easily discover, rediscover, and interact with our current totem.

The number of possible totems and their attributes is limitless, and each totem will impart its persona, its strength, its love, and its attributes/lessons as you join and interact with it. This is a very personal and individual experience, and everything that you receive will be unique to you - that's why discovering your name totem is so special.

When you discover your name totem, it will indeed be a very special experience; and your life will change for the better, if you listen to the councils, and learn the lessons, of your name totem.

Do I Have the Same Totem All My Life?

How Do I Discover My Name Totem?

There are various ways to discover your name totem...

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