Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo
"I keep one stone under my pillow to balance and ground my energies when I listen to my program before sleeping; and I carry one stone in my pocket to balance my energies during the day.

"Since doing this, I feel less stressed, less affected by those around me, and I just seem to have more energy flowing through me."

How Are Sync Stones Used?

There are many ways in which you can use your sync stones:

    1) Hold in your hand while relaxing, or meditating.

    2) Place under your pillow to augment your sleep cycle.

    3) Carry in your pocket or handbag to augment your aura and energy.

    4) Place on or near Chakra Points to help balance your energy flow and to ground any negative
        energy that is projected towards you.

    5) Hold them, or place them near you, while you listen to the Program of your choice.

    6) Just follow your intuition (the 4th Dimensional you).

What Others Have Said

"I have found that the 'Chakra Balancing' program is enhanced when I'm holding the sync stones"
"I don't know why, but when I'm holding the stones I feel that my body is responding quicker and more strongly to the 'Healing Relaxation' program."
"When I go into meetings, I have a sync stone in my pocket and it seems to ground negative energy from other people. I have noticed a definite difference if I do not have the stone with me."
"Since placing a sync stone under my pillow, I've been sleeping better and longer, and I've had no disturbing dreams as I've had in the past. Thank you."


Sync Stones (N6001) can be Obtained Here
Whether you have one or several stones, the effect is the same. However, it has been noted that holding a stone in each hand is very effective in balancing your life-force energy and augmenting relaxation, healing, and meditation.
Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo
Sync Stones can be used individually, in pairs, or in groups - just see what works for you.

Each stone has been individually selected, cleansed, and energised with Blue Water to help you to balance and ground your life-force energy flow.

We are special beings who have come with specific intent to experience the physical world; but all too often in the stress of modern living we lose touch with the wonderful sensations of existence.

To "live" is to "experience", and to "grow" is to find "meaning" in the "experience".

Consequently, Sync stones can help us to balance and channel our natural energy rhythms and help us to synchronise with the wonderful unfolding world and reality around us.

Yes, life is good... very, very good...
Campbell visiting one of his favourite Sync-Stone Beds
Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo Sync Stones Photo
Sync stones are ancient stones, polished by time itself, individually selected, cleansed and energised with Blue Water, to help you balance and ground your life-force energy flow.

(Note - size, shape, and colour will vary; however, the effects will be the same)

Sync Stones are also a positive adjunct to our hypnosis, subliminal and Empowerment programs.


Sync Stones

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