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Radionics was originally developed in San Francisco by Dr. Albert Abrams (1863 - 1924). It is a system of complementary medicine that is based on the principle that subtle energy, emitted by all existent matter, can be diagnostically analysed and interpreted, and remedy frequencies can be imprinted upon a carrier, or directly transmitted at a distance to a specific target or recipient. Thus, this methodology can be used to treat illnesses or conditions of dis-ease, which are seen as energy imbalances by the practitioner.

Abrams theorized that everything that exists has a unique frequency/energy signature, and these signatures can be represented by a series of digits, which he termed "Rates". Traditionally, rates are used as the basis for diagnosing, treating, and creating appropriate remedies.


Radionics Machine
The Author's Series 7
Radionics Machine
(The sponge lining in the lid has been removed to show the internal broadcast antenna)
A radionic practitioner augments and amplifies the natural healing processes of the individual. They do not actually heal, they do not give a labelled diagnosis, and they do not treat in the allopathic sense. The radionic practitioner's role is to analyse frequency signatures, and to produce rates that will help to re-balance any energy imbalance within an organism.

Consequently, radionics can deal with all consequences of energy imbalances that manifest as labelled diseases. Additionally, it can operate within a 4th dimensional reality which is inaccessible to conventional allopathic medicine. Because of this, radionics can be an effective adjunct in dealing with the most seemingly intractable conditions.

The Practitioner

An important concept, which must be understood by both practitioners and clients, is that radionics does not, and should not be used to diagnose and label conditions in the traditional sense. However, it does identify subtle energy rates, and can apply appropriate rate corrections to facilitate any required energy re-balancing. Additionally, because radionics falls into a four dimensional reality, it is impossible to empirically quantify it in the default three dimensional world.

Important Concept

The Series 7 Radionics Machine, developed and used by the author, is a comprehensive device without a fixed, prescribed, mandatory, or recommended operational requirement - it is simply a psychomagnetheric extension/channel of the operator, and is compatible with all treatment approaches and remedies (Allopathic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Biochemic, Bach, Channelled, etc).

Consequently, the machine can be configured to analyse/diagnose witness energy, life-force dynamics, and experiential reality; and it can be tuned to augment, amplify, encode, potentize, and project/broadcast the operator's intention (remedy, resolution, symbology, etc).

The Series 7 Radionics Machine is completely passive, and utilizes only subtle psychomagnetheric life-force energy as channelled, controlled, and directed by the operator.

The Radionics Device

WITNESS PAD - The Witness pad is a conductive device which is used to input the witness item, intention, symbol, remedy, or trend samples, etc. A larger, conductive, external witness pad/well can be connected as an accessory.

BROADCAST PAD - the broadcast pad is used to transmit intentions, trends, remedies, etc to a specific target. The broadcast pad employs a specialist shaped mono-filiar flat coil.

POTENTIZE PAD - the potentize pad is used to potentize targets, remedies, and trends, etc. The potentize pad employs a specialist circular mono-filiar flat coil. An external potentize well, with the coil wound around the well, can be connected as an accessory. There is also a multiplier switch to set the scale value - x1-x10-x100.

DOWSE PAD - the dowse pad is an output device which is used to confirm the tuned rate for the current operation or sub-operation, and to confirm interrogation responses with psychometric operations. Thus, the dowse pad is used as a focal area when a radiesthesia pendulum is used.

The dowse pad employs a specialist bi-filiar circular flat coil, and the metal surface can be switched from being isolated to being connected to its associated coil. The metal plate can have a thin, low friction insulated area that can be used for "stick" responses. An external, insulated (no metal components), bi-filiar coiled dowse/stick pad can be connected as an accessory.

INPUT/OUTPUT PORTS - Jack/Coax sockets are provided for accessory and antenna connection. The machine has specific input/output socket configuration (resistive/non-resistive, etc) - see the relevant circuit diagram for details.

Additionally the Input and output ports can also be switched in and out as required. See the relevant circuit diagram for details.
SWITCHES - Switches are provided to switch the various modules in and out as required.

POTENTIOMETERS - There are seven pots, marked 1 - 100, which are used as tuning devices - these have neither input nor output functions. The pots determine the energy vibration rates of the witness and the intention, and also set the potency level.

FINAL STAGE - The Final Stage Psychomagnetheric Amplifier is housed in a special capacitive filled enclosure in the lid of the machine. The supplied Amplifier can be easily replaced with any suitable amplifier of choice.

ACCESSORIES - A comprehensive range of external accessories can be connected to the input and output ports. This includes pendulums, head bands (forehead chakra), wrist bands (pulse point), additional pads and wells (witness, stick, potentize, broadcast, etc)), wired sync-stones, geo-slices, crystals and rods, MP3/CD/cassette players, headphones, and antennas, etc. See the Operator's Manual for available/suggested accessories.

The Device's Primary Modules (adapted from the Operator's Manual)

Although the machine is constructed with electrical components and wired pathways, these are "etheric level symbols" only, and they have no relevance whatever in a physical, electrical, or electronic sense.

If asked the question, "Are Radionics Machines 'Science' or 'Magic'?", the answer is "Yes."


Typical uses of the Series 7 Radionics Machine, but not limited thereto, include:

    -- Psychomagnetheric Amplification - General and Specific
    -- Simple and Complex Modes of Operation
    -- Analysis - Tuned
    -- Analysis - Un-tuned
    -- Establishing a Remedy Rate
    -- Establishing a Witness Rate
    -- Health Analysis
    -- Trend/Remedy Creation
    -- Trend/Remedy Potentize/Broadcast
    -- Nullifying a Rate/Imbalance/Condition
    -- Horary Analysis
    -- Decumbiture Analysis
    -- Psychometry Analysis
    -- Broadcasting a Remedy
    -- Broadcasting an Intention
    -- Broadcasting a Symbol or Symbols
    -- Broadcasting to a specific Target
    -- Tuned Comprehensive Broadcasting
    -- Un-tuned Simple Broadcasting
    -- Collective Consciousness Channeling Method
    -- Operator Consciousness Channeling Method
    -- Distilled Energy Live Cell Imprintation Broadcast Method
    -- Distilled Energy Remedy Broadcast Evaporation Method
    -- Debt Nullification and Wealth Attraction Remedy/Potentization/Broadcast
    -- Enhancing a Process with an Audio Player - MP3, etc (includes use of Subliminal Techniques)
    -- Multi-Pad Broadcasting
    -- Potentizing (Subject, Target, Remedy, Intention, Item, Symbol, etc)
    -- Traditional Single Pad - Analysis
    -- Traditional Single Pad - Simple Intention
    -- Traditional Single-Pad - Simple Potentizing/Broadcasting
    -- Symbol Directed Intention to a Target (person, event, item, etc)
    -- Simple Positive Attraction Remedy

Series 7 Machine Usage (adapted from the Operator's Manual)

The rates indicated by the tuning processes do not correspond to any existing "Radionics Rate System" - thus, the rates indicated and employed are unique to the Series 7 Radionics Machine.

Rate Note

Is the author's Series 7 Radionics Machine commercially available? No.


Everything is energy, and any imbalance thereof will cause a dissonant state of dis-ease. And this will be particularly true of the human or any other living organism.

"It is time we gave up thinking in medicine of gross effects and concentrated on the pattern of energy systems which constitute life. To penetrate and correct imbalances in these energy systems, the application of radiant energy of carefully selected amplitude and frequencies is required." (Wethered, 1957)

And this is what radionics is all about.


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