Brainwaves are divided into four main categories, namely, ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, and THETA waves:

ALPHA - (7.5 - 13 Hz)
Relaxed but aware (meditation) or hypnogogic state

BETA - (13 - 40 Hz)
Normal focused awareness. Associated with conversation, complex tasks,
and problem solving. During a typical day an individual experiences
all the brainwave patterns; however, Beta is the predominant one

DELTA - (0.5 - 3 Hz)
Deep sleep / unconsciousness

THETA - (3.5 - 7.5 Hz)
Deep relaxation, light sleep.
Associated with deep meditative states, and 'flashes of inspiration'
Alpha waves are one of the categories of Brainwaves

What are the Main Categories of Brainwaves?

What do Brainwave-Patterns Look Like?

When do Alpha Patterns Appear?

An alpha pattern appears when an individual is wakeful, and where there is a 'relaxed and effortless alertness'. Consequently, this is a good state to be in to maximise creative visualization, auto-suggestion, and hypnosis techniques.
Brain Waves

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What are Alpha Waves?

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