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The chakras are seven energy centres, rooted in the subtle body, which can be detected, evaluated, and balanced in the physical body. The chakras appear as spinning cone-shaped vortices of energy (See Below), or as saucer-shaped depressions. The shape and size of any specific chakra is dependent upon the health, and 'spiritual' condition of the individual.

Anyone can learn to sense a chakra's energy with their hands or a pendulum. Typically, the chakra manifestation on the front of the body (which is stronger that the one manifested on the back of the body) is used for visualisation, evaluation, and balancing/manipulation purposes.
Chakra Positions Chakra Shapes
Located along the spine (crown of head to coccyx - See Right), the seven chakras are channels and distributors of the universal life-force energy, which flows through and between the individual's physical and the subtle bodies.
Balanced chakras and harmony between the chakras result in vitality, health, and protection from negative energy for the individual. Conversely, distortion of any of the chakras, through physical, emotional, mental, or conscious trauma, will reflect as a distortion (pathology) in the associated area of the individual's physiology.
Balanced Chakras = Maximum Vitality, Protection, Health, and Longevity

What are the Chakras?

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