The 4th Dimensional You

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Now that you know about your 4th dimensional power and potential, it is time to develop that power and potential by suitable "exercise".

And, as we constantly reiterate:
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A Fourth-Dimensional Approach to Personal Transformation


Who is the 4th Dimensional You?

The real "you" is not your physical body. The real "you" is an unseen organization, your spirit-self, your 4th dimensional self. Yes, it has senses like those of the physical body, but far superior, and which transcend both space and time. It can see forms and hear voices miles away from the body. Thus it is that your spirit-self, your 4th dimensional self, is not an integral part of your physical body, and it never was. But it does act upon your physical body, and it uses the physical as an experiential interface to the physical world. And your 4th dimensional self is a power, a thought-force, that can make itself be felt far from your body, and far into the etheric realms.

Thought Force

When thought-force is sent out to any thing, or to any place, you are actually sending out your 4th dimensional force and awareness. And this is an invisible substance, which acts apart from your physical body, and it goes out from you to others, near and far, and it acts upon them, and it moves them, and it influences them. And further, it goes out from you, and it acts upon the very fabric of space and time.

And thus it initiates a universal cause and consequence reaction within the formless substance, and thereby, you can create all the Health, Wealth, Success, Longevity, and Transformation that you want.

This is the real you, and this is your real power. And as you learn how it all works, and as you learn to understand it, to hold it, to use it, and to control it, you will do more profitable business and accomplish more in your life, in one hour, than you now do in a week, or in a month.

This 4th dimensional power and the understanding thereof, and only this, was the basis of all the miracles, the magic, and the esoteric power of ancient times.

What Next?

So, where to from here?

And that time, the 21st century, is now upon us - and specifically, it is upon you.
You may not know it, but you already have the power
to change any aspect of your life - Health, Wealth, Success, Longevity, and Transformation.

How? Just relax, flow with the program your choice - visualize and let your subconscious mind,
the 4th Dimensional You, attract/create all that you want in your life.

If you visualize it, you can realize it!
And that is the power and the reality of the real you, the 4th dimensional you.
In 1892, Prentice Mulford said:
Our richest men, our rulers, our famous men in art, science and war, our professors, our ministers, our greatest successes, what is their end? Weakness, decay and disease. Our more thoughtful people admit that by the time they have learned something of life, it is time to die. The obituary from the living is at best an apology for the unsatisfactory ending of a human life.

Mankind demand something better. That demand, that cry has been swelling and increasing in volume for many centuries. Demand must always be answered. This demand is now being answered, first to the few, next to the many.

New light, new knowledge and new results in human life and all it involves, are coming to this earth.

(Prentice Mulford - Your Forces and How to Use Them, 1892)
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