Everything in the universe is energy based, and all manifested reality is simply universal energy which has been manipulated by the collective consciousness, with its collective potential and formless substance. Moreover, we as sentient beings are part of that collective consciousness, and can be equated to conscious thought force energy. And through personal experience, we expand our individual consciousness by adding to the "energy" that we are, with the "energy" that we are not.

In the 4th Dimension (Etheric, Mental, Conscious, and Source Realms), we exist as pure conscious thought forms (See "The Experiential Bodies" and "The 4th Dimensional You" in FAQ); however, in the Three Dimensional Experiential Realm (the physical universe), we interface our conscious-selves, through our Physical Bodies, and thereby effectively experience that which is manifested in the Physical Realm. An important aspect, of individual, and collective-consciousness, is the collective-potential, which is expressed through the formless-substance, that pervades, within, without, and in-between every-thing, and it is through the formless-substance, that all manifested reality, comes into being.

Additionally, the collective-consciousness, with its collective-potential, has a powerful inherent drive, to explore its full existential-self, through the transformation, of its potential, into a physical experiential reality.

This, is the very essence and purpose of an unfolding universe, with its collective consciousness elements, that seeks to express, and to experience its own infinite potential.

The transformative ability, of the collective-consciousness, with its collective-potential, is activated by thought force, which is impressed, upon the formless-substance. And this results, through the universal law, of cause and consequence, in the manifestation, of the corresponding physical-reality. And we, as sentient beings, who are part of that collective consciousness, exist and operate within the remit of that universal law and thought force energy.

Life-Force / Thought-Force Energy - The Key to Everything

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What Does Life/Thought Force Energy Look Like?

Additionally, as sentient beings, we channel, transform, and emanate Life/Thought Force energy.

Consequently Universal Life Force Energy flows through us, from the Crown of our Head to the Base of our Pelvis. And, as that life force energy flows through us, it manifests as detectable vortices, or "Chakras," along the spinal tract of our Subtle and Physical Bodies. Accordingly, we absorb, that life force energy, and use it in our experiential, and transformative, conscious expansion activity.

Additionally, a reflection of our complete being, and our state of harmony and balance, emanates from us as a toroid (doughnut) shaped energy field, which is commonly referred to as our aura. And, our aura is nothing more than Life Force/Chakra Energy as it flows through us.
Chakra Positions
The chakras are seven energy centres, rooted in the Subtle/Experiential Bodies, which can be detected, evaluated, and balanced in the Physical Body.

The chakras appear as spinning cone-shaped vortices of energy (See "Chakras" in FAQ), or as saucer-shaped depressions.

Moreover, the shape and size of any specific chakra is relative to the "health," and the "spiritual" condition of the individual. Balanced chakras and harmony between the chakras result in vitality, health, and protection from negative energy for the individual.

Conversely, distortion of any of the chakras, through physical, emotional, mental, or conscious trauma, will reflect as a distortion (pathology) in the associated area of the individual's physiology. Additionally, any such distortions will be reflected in the Aura.

Moreover, by simply balancing your Chakras, you will be protected from disease, negative projections and psychic attack of others, and the natural healing process, triggered by your subconscious mind, will be greatly augmented.

Balanced Chakras = Maximum Vitality, Protection, Health, and Longevity

The Chakras

The toroid shaped energy field, which is commonly referred to as our Aura, is the reflection of our state of personal growth and development, harmony, and balance.
Any distortion of our Life-Force/Chakra Energy (especially disease) is reflected in the Aura, and can be corrected accordingly.
Life Force Energy flows through us, from the Crown of the Head to the Base of the Pelvis

Life-Force Energy

Life-Force Energy


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