Consultation/Readings - Terms, Fees, and Conditions
I offer my services and readings as an Esoteric Consultant and a Complementary Health Consultant (Parapsychologist, Iridologist, Curative Hypnotherapist, Radiesthesic and Biochemic Consultant).
Required Information
Consultations/Readings are given by Email, and the client will need to provide the following information:
-- The subject's date of birth (all subjects if for a comparison reading)
-- The subject's place/country of birth
-- If possible the subject's time of birth
Specific Questions
As there are time constraints set for each session it is important that specific questions, or whatever needs to be discussed/clarified, be submitted by the client to focus the reading. Additionally, as I cannot ask questions during the session, I suggest that relevant focus information be given - such as, but not restricted to:
-- Where are you currently living (location)? Regarding your current location, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy/satisfied are you?
-- What career/work are you currently engaged in, and on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy/fulfilled are you?
-- Are you in a current relationship (brief overview), and on a scale of 1 to 10 how happy/satisfied are you?
-- Are there any specific relationship questions and with whom?
-- Are there any other specific questions or issues?
-- Are there any health issues to be considered?
Additionally, but not mandatory, the subject's palms can be scanned and attached as a pdf or jpg to to further refine the analysis.
For health questions, if possible, a small hair specimen (address will be given during initial Email correspondence), iris photos, and a scan of the subject's palms should be submitted (pdf or jpg).
Note - a drop of blood on a tissue can be substituted for the hair specimen.
Note - The iris photos and palm scan are not mandatory, but they can be useful to further refine the analysis.
 About Us
Techniques Used
Personal Energy Analysis
Radiesthesia Analysis
Radionic Analysis
Hand Analysis
Health - Iris Analysis
White Tarot Analysis
Relationship Comparison & Compatibility Analysis
Energy Analysis Comparison Analysis Radiesthesia Palm Analysis Eye Analysis Health Analysis
Health - Energy Analysis
White Tarot Reading Hypnosis, etc, Programs
Techniques Used
For each reading, relevant Existential Astro Charts are created, which are used to compare the subject's Personal Life-Force Energy (special health charts are created if needed) with the unfolding Universal Energy; then Radiesthesic/Radionic (energy measurement and analysis), Tarot, and Palm assessment techniques are employed, as appropriate, to further develop the analysis. A final report is then produced and Emailed to the client.
Time and Fee
It takes several hours to produce and analyse the various documents (energy/life-path/health analysis charts, readings, hand and eye scans, etc) and to write the final report.
Consequently, based on time constraints, there is a choice of two readings:
1) Reading (2 hours) - 25 - +/-1,000 word Report, plus any relevant charts, etc
2) Reading (4 hours) - 50 - +/-2,000 word Report, plus any relevant charts, etc
Note - The only difference between the two readings is the time spent thereon, and the report size.
Once completed, the report (and any relevant charts, etc) are Emailed to the client.
Because of the time-intensive nature of this type of consultancy it can take up to 3 working days to schedule and complete a reading and associated report.
As a one-off bonus, the client may Email subsequent questions (within reason) to get further clarity from the reading.
Data Security
Once a report has been Emailed it is deleted +/-5 days later, and no client details or reports are retained. Thus, each reading is processed in a unique context and everything pertaining thereto is purged after Emailing.
Fee and Payment
Once the client has decided upon their reading, and have confirmed such (including details, and focus questions) by Email; they then make their fee payment. Once payment has been confirmed, the reading is scheduled, completed, and resultant reports are Emailed.
Payment is facilitated on our Payment Page - either click on the appropriate payment button to complete a secure on-line transaction; or use our Bank Details (on our Payment Page) to complete an independent Bank to Bank Transfer.
Please do not make any payment until you have first discussed/confirmed your needs.
To discuss your needs and questions please contact via Email as per our Contact Page.
Radionic Analysis Machine
Archive Item - Fee
Because of the time, effort, and cost that goes into the Preparing, Editing, and Storage of Archive Items, their content typically cannot be Copied or Printed.
Fee and Payment
If you would like an unrestricted version (content enabled for copying and printing) there is a 3 administration fee per item.
Please Email us with the the Item's Title and your request, and it will be prepared for you.
An Email will then be sent to you containing confirmation and a link to our Payment Page to facilitate payment.
Once payment has been confirmed an Email will be sent with the item as an attachment, or its download link if it is of a large size.
If you have any questions please contact via Email as per our Contact Page.
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Orders, Shipping, Downloads, and Returns Info
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