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...Then she with tress of gold and raiment pure,

Did take his hand of flesh in hand of white.

And eyes of dimming blue, were bathed in eyes

Of azure light, and Jongleur knew that now,

This day, this place, a new song had begun.
Sync Stone Bed

Campbell M Gold

It was in South Africa that he applied his personal approach to traditional and complementary fields, and developed his suite of alternative techniques, including health issue resolution, curative hypnosis, subliminal, empowerment, projection and self-development techniques, and Veritas esoteric existential philosophy. Further, it was from the many projection sessions, that he carried out in South Africa, that Campbell developed his alternate view of history.

Over the years, Campbell has completed further education in the fields of Curative Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Parapsychology, Psychology, Body Language, Advanced Biochemic Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition, Journalism, Theology, Editing, Teaching, and Communication.

As a consultant (Parapsychologist, Iridologist, Curative Hypnotherapist, Complementary Health, etc.), Campbell has over thirty years of experience where he has applied his personal approach, and suite of alternative techniques, including health issue resolution, curative hypnosis, subliminal, empowerment, projection, counselling, and self-development. In addition to his consultancy and research work, Campbell also wrote and presented his series of Self-development, Alternative/Complementary Techniques, Projection and Visualisation courses.

The digital recording technique used in the programs was also developed by Campbell and uses multi-tracked and interleaved sound-segments (nature sounds and music ambience) in conjunction with audible voice and inaudible subliminal elements (voice). However, the programs are completely safe and the listener is fully conscious and in control at all times. Originally, only the Projection and Healing suite of programs were developed; however, over the years, this has been expanded into the wide range of programs that are now available. The latest programs explore the 4th dimensional self, and the associated promotion of health, wealth, success, and longevity.

Then, in 1997 it was time to return home, and Campbell now lives in the south of England where he continues to develop his hypnosis, subliminal, and empowerment programs, along with his research, writing, editing, and publishing.
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Although Scottish born in the autumn of 1951, Campbell lived, and was educated in the south of England, from 1955. In 1971 he completed studies in telecommunications; and his alternative career started in 1975 following the completion of his training in Alternative Esoteric Sciences and Psychology, and Complementary Healing Techniques.

In 1975, having secured a contract with the South African telecommunications industry, Campbell left with his bride, Pauline, for Pretoria. However, telecommunications was short lived, and until his return to the UK Campbell immersed himself in complementary consultancy and research.
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Campbell M Gold
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A Time of New Beginnings...
A Time of Revision...
A Time of Transformation...
(2016 / 2017)

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In 2000, his book, "The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection", was first published in the UK. This, and subsequent books and writings by Campbell, as well as his Hypnosis, Subliminal, Empowerment, Focused Healing, and Classical Power Programs, are available as downloads from this website.

In 2016/2017, Campbell's "4th Dimensional Programs" were finally released. And the 4th Dimensional Lesson range is a vintage "New Thought" approach to Health, Wealth, Success, Longevity, and Transformation, which has been Radionically Revised and Subliminally Enhanced for the 21st Century seeker of Light, Life, and Truth.

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