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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Verne - 1869

And a Plague Upon Mary

And What of Religion?

Assassin and The Sea Slug

Astro Health Analysis Handbook

Astro Key Book

Astro Tarot Keyword Summary

Blood Equinox

Blue Water - The Fountain of Life

Brave New World - Huxley - 1931

Chakra Balancing/Protection

Chakra Overview

Check Your Lover with Chinese Astrology

Children for Satan

Christmas Days of Winter Magic

Colouring The Future

Colours and Their Esoteric Meanings

Dare to Think - Dare to Question

Definition - Campbell M Gold Archives

Definition - Esoteric Consultant

Does God Condone Slavery? Yes!

Economic Cycle 04 Feb 2009


Energy Analysis - 21 Sep 2011

Ephemeris 1000

Ephemeris 1100

Ephemeris 1200

Ephemeris 1300

Ephemeris 1400

Ephemeris 1500

Ephemeris 1600

Ephemeris 1700

Ephemeris 1800

Ephemeris 1900

Ephemeris 2000

Ephemeris 2100

Existential Astrology Resource Book


Final Refrain - Inner Teachings of the Ordo ex Veritas


Hand and Palm Analysis

Hand and Palm Quick Reference

Harvest of Life

Health and Weight-Loss Program

Homeopathic Prescribing for Common Ailments

Homo Spiritus Characteristics

How to Live Twice as Long

Initial Pondering

Interview With God (Warning - Controversial Content).

Iridology - A Pictorial View

Iridology Chart - Preferred

Iridology Chart after BSY

Journey Into The Interior of the Earth - Verne - 1877

Monochromatic Iridology Analysis - Settings

Mysterious Island - Verne - 1874

Natural Aphrodisiacs

New Atlantis - Bacon - 1623

New World Order - Wells - 1940

Omophagia - Who are the cannibals?

Orbiting Extinction

Parable - And If I Could, I Think I Would

Parable - God Search

Parable - God's Name

Parable - Spartans

Parable - Swan Song

Parable - The After-life

Parable - The Anger of God

Parable - The Apple Tree

Parable - The Camel and The Tent

Parable - The Fish

Parable - The Hard-boiled Egg

Parable - The Map

Parable - The Mayfly

Parable - The Missionary

Parable - The Root

Parable - The Toilet Attendant

Parable - The Usurper

Parable - The Windows of Gold

Parable - Today

Parable - Tom

Pendulum Movement

Personal Time Choice

Practise of Full Conscious Projection

Psychic Protection

Recent Thoughts - 2012

Recommending Bach Flower Remedies

Recommending Tissue Salts - An Esoteric Perspective

Recurring Cycles of Health Influences - 2012

Recurring Cycles of Social Change - 2012

Recurring Easter Bunny Attacks at Tokyo Electron Europe Limited

Republic - Plato - c. 380 BC

Roads to Hell

Sclerology - A Brief Overview

Smaragdine Tablet of Hermes (The Emerald Tablet)

Tarot Celtic Cross Position Meaning

Tarot Past Present Future Position Meaning

Tarot Worksheet - Celtic Cross

Tarot Worksheet - Past, Present, Future


Through the Mormon Veil - Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies

Timaeus and Critias - Plato - 360 BC

Time for One Dream

Tissue Salt Overview

To the Remnant of the First Cohort

Two Years Before the Mast - Dana - 1840

Valentine Card


Vicky and Ben's Nasty Letter - Jul - 2013

Vicky and Ben's Nasty Letter - Scan of Original Docs - Jul - 2013

Wake Up It's the End of the World! Oops My Mistake

Watch Out They're a Witch!

White Tarot - A Universe Revealed

White Tarot Trump Summary

Wise Man

Wisley Butterfly Adventure - 2014

Your Subconscious Healing Power


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